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Tour Information

Hello and a warm welcome to our exciting ATV Adventure Tours! We are absolutely thrilled that you’re joining us, and we can’t wait to share the adventure with you, whether you’re a seasoned ATV rider or trying it out for the first time!



What do you need to bring: 

  1. Physical Driver's License (G2/M2 or above)
    For those who hold other provinces or country driver's licenses please follow Service Ontario Guidelines
  2. Credit Card ($2500 Damage Pre-Auth on each ATV)
  3. What You Should Wear 
    Summer - long pants, hiking or sturdy footwear (boots are best)
  Long-sleeved shirt or windproof jacket. Flip flops will not be allowed 
      Winter - layer up with long johns, sweater, windproof jacket, and pants with gloves and boots.
 4. Extra Clothing including socks and shoes (for after the ride)
- Bug spray, Sunscreen, Snacks

Here's What to Expect!




Just a few quick signatures to get the formalities out of the way

1) Waiver:
This is just a standard procedure to acknowledge the adventurous nature of the tour.


2) ATV Inspection Form: We'll take a pre-authorization of $2500 on each ATV you rent and circle the existing damage if there is any.


Check In

Our friendly team is excited to welcome you! At this time, we would kindly ask you to finalize any outstanding payments.


Safety Briefing

We’ll guide you through all the do's and don'ts to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Mastering Your ATV

Next up, we'll introduce you to your ATV. You'll learn all about its functions and the proper techniques to navigate through your adventure.


Perfect Fit for Safety

Safety is paramount. We’ll help you get fitted with all the necessary gear, ensuring everything is snug and secure.


Test Drive

Before we set off, take your ATV for a spin in our practice area. This is your moment to get comfortable and ask any last-minute questions.

And... You’re Off!

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