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Staff & Equipment


Here are the Thrill Seekers

Our guides are experienced and fully prepared to make your tour a safe, pleasurable and memorable adventure. Each tour begins with a thorough safety and operational instruction and test drive to ensure everyone is aware of safe riding techniques and the mechanical operation of the ATV.
We provide helmets, safety goggles and gloves for the protection of each rider. Equipment boxes on the guide machines contain First Aid boxes, tools,  refreshments and also a place where clients can stow cameras, sun block, extra clothing, etc. and keep it clean.


We recommend you wear long pants, hiking or sturdy footwear (boots are best), and a long sleeved shirt or light jacket.


Adventure & Experience

Depending on weather conditions, rain gear and cold weather clothing may be required!

It can be muddy or dusty on the trail so be prepared. 


2022 SNARLER's 570CC

Our customer ATVs are the current model

Controlled Tension
It is an untamed mechanical beast. Eyes look like torches, heroic bodies, and imposing lines. the simple overall visual style, contrast colour design with the frame, and create a unique Controlled Tension aesthetics.


Features include:
Flaming LED Eyes
Segway’s off-road aesthetic is bold, confident and radically different. It is an untamed mechanical beast in the dark forest.

Clean and Robust Bodywork
Broad shoulders, sweeping hood and sleek curvature create a modern and aerodynamic stance.

Pouncing Gesture
Sleek and flowing lines extend upward from the front to the back. Characterized by flowing surfaces. The combination and continuity of which create what we call controlled tension.

Dynamic Powertrain
Tech Design
570CC liquid cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC engine, delivers max 44HP and 48N·m of torque. The 570CC engine adopts the optimal design of insulator spark plug and optimized CAM. With the addition of electronic fuel injection system, the powertrain has good adaptability in high/low temperature and high altitude environments.

These machines are very easy for first-time riders to learn and extremely capable of tackling the roughest terrain!

We take our customer's comfort and safety seriously!

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