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Thrill and Chill

Enjoy a calm ride through scenic trails and embrace the natural world.
Ideal for: First-Time Riders, Stress Relief Seekers, Families with Kids

Experience the thrill of ATV riding tailored for first-time riders in our 90-minute guided tour. This adventure is designed to introduce you to the exciting world of all-terrain vehicles in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Your experience begins with a brief orientation session where our experienced guides will cover all the necessary safety instructions and provide you with the basic riding skills. You'll get comfortable with your ATV during a practice session, ensuring you're ready to hit the trails with confidence.

Once you're geared up, our guide will lead you through a series of carefully selected trails that offer a perfect blend of challenge and enjoyment for beginners. The pace is relaxed, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. You'll navigate through a variety of terrains, from gentle slopes to flat stretches, all while surrounded by stunning natural landscapes.

Along the way, there will be plenty of opportunities to pause and appreciate the serene beauty of the outdoors. Capture memorable photos, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with riding an ATV.

This tour is not just about the ride; it's about creating memories, enjoying the outdoors, and learning a new skill in a fun and safe environment. 

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Safe, fun, and scenic rides led by expert guides, perfect for any skill level.
Ideal for: Any Skill Level

Our half day adventure is the perfect way to explore the great outdoors and create unforgettable memories. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our expert guides will ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all.

Before setting off, you'll receive a comprehensive safety briefing and  ATV technic. Our guides are trained to prioritize safety while ensuring everyone has a fantastic time.

As you traverse through diverse landscapes, you'll experience a mix of terrains - from gentle slopes to slightly challenging trails, all chosen to provide an exciting yet manageable ride. You'll get to see stunning views, natural wildlife, and perhaps even some hidden spots that only locals know about.

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Full Day Intermediate

Embark on an exhilarating Full Day ATV Tour, perfect for intermediate riders!
Note: Participants must pass a test drive before the adventure begins.
Ideal for: Experienced Intermediate Level Rider

Note: Participants must pass a test drive before the adventure begins.

In the event that a member of your group is unable to pass the required driving test, our policy necessitates adjusting the tour to a half-day experience for the entire group. This measure ensures the safety and enjoyment of all participants, maintaining the high standards of our adventure tours.


Experience the thrill of our Full Day Intermediate Guided ATV Tours, designed for those with a bit of ATV riding experience. This adventure-packed day starts with a mandatory test drive to ensure all participants can handle their vehicles with confidence and safety.

Once everyone is comfortable, we'll set off on a journey through diverse terrains, offering both challenges and breathtaking views. Our experienced guides will lead you through winding trails, over hills, and across rugged landscapes that will get your adrenaline pumping.

At the midpoint of our adventure, we'll take a well-deserved break for a 30-45 minute lunch. This is a perfect time to relax, enjoy some delicious food, and share stories with fellow riders.

After lunch, the adventure continues as we explore more of the stunning outdoors. Our guides will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, offering tips and support throughout the day.

As the tour concludes, you'll return with not just memories but also a sense of accomplishment, having navigated an intermediate ATV trail with skill and excitement.